Julie Detlor, Artist & Owner

Beautiful and functional art for your home

One of a kind mixed media art

I have been creating art my whole life, and am mostly self taught. I love to combine aspects of nature into my art, and hope to convey the emotions I feel when I am outside experiencing the world... I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, especially acrylic paint, resin and paper collage.

My Work

These are examples of my favorite mediums

Commissions available upon request

Resin Art

I am very inspired by the ocean. Just as in life, no two waves are ever the same. Each piece is unique and beautiful.

Paper Collage

I hand paint and tear all paper to create incredibly detailed collage pieces. I use many different types and textures of paper to add dimension to my subjects.

Sea Glass & Pebble Art

There is something so calming and peaceful about collecting stones and glass on a beach. I feel that my whimsical framed art pieces convey those emotions.